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Stimulator Fish Report 7/21/13

Stimulator fished 2 days last week, going 6 for 8 on the Striped Marlin the first day and 3 for 5 on the Striped Marlin the 2nd day. We were hoping to get Dorado for table fare but it didn’t happen for us, a few of the boats have been getting the Dorado, mostly boats fishing the other side of Gordo Banks where the water temps are higher and more stable. The 2nd day fishing we just about had a Striper come into the back of the boat. At the end of the fight the fish went ballistic, jumping right next to the boat, the second jump had him coming over the transome!~ If he had hit a foot farther back on the body he would have been in the cockpit!~as it was everyone hit the deck, the fish bounced off the cap rail and fell back in the sea, things happen fast!~ There have been dolphin schools holding smaller grade Yellowfin Tuna , plus a Swordfish bite opened up end of the week on the Pacific with a few fish being caught on the local banks, a few more being seen. Water temps are really fluctuating, 2nd day we fished water was 10 degrees cooler, had rolled over and turned dirty. We went 25 miles from Cabo before we found the right temp and blue water!~ Coastal action is slow, water in the high 60’s and dirty, Been a few Blue and Black Marlin caught, I metered about five miles of Tuna marks coming in the other day at 8-10 fathoms, may have been skippys?, lota bait for the bigger fish!~Great time to come fish Cabo!~Capt. Jay

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