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Stimulator Fish Report 7/29/13

Well there is 90 degree water outside of Arenas, 86 degree off the Gordo, low 80’s outside Cabo and on the Pacific side now has 80 degree water on up to the Finger Bank, The summer water is officially here!~ The Striped Marlin bite has been nothing short of phenominal. Double digit days on the fish have been commonplace!~The areas uphill of the Gordo Banks and Destiladeras have been the most productive, certain areas seem to be holding the motherload on any given day all within that area. Mid week found a good bite less than 10 miles from Cabo, just 5 miles off Santa Maria Bay with a mix of Marlin, Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna, all in the same water. The Pacific hasn’t seen much pressure as the bite has been on the Cortez side but the water is prime!~a few boats found smaller grade Yellowfin on the dolphin, haven’t heard any reports from the Finger, I’m taking a boat north toward the end of the week, I’ll let you know!~ We had a kids day midweek , took my daughter Daniela and some of her friends and went and fished the bottom, came up with Pargo, Sheepshead and Chopos (Triggerfish). Was a little hot in the cockpit but we had fun, great to see them get hooked on fishing!~ The Blue Marlin bite has had a few fish caught, 2 in the 400lb class that I know of this last week and the Bisbee East Cape had 1 qualifier caught and several smaller fish, only going to get better, Haven’t heard of any Wahoo but we can live with Marlin. Dorado and Yellowfin Tuna!~Great Fishing!~Check us out on Facebook at Stimulator Sportfishing!~Capt. Jay

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