Bisbee's Black & Blue 2001 Tournament

The 2001 Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament

1st Place Winner Final Fish
Boat: Stimulator
Captain: Capt. Jay Bush
Angler: Scott Monroe
Fish: 518 lb Black
Prize Money: $684,265
155 Boats, 734 Anglers, $1,666,070 Total Cash Awards

Bisbee’s Final Fishing Day
October 26, 2001

As always with a high stakes tournament, the final day is filled with high hopes and excitement. This year was no different. There were a lot of fish caught and lots of nervous fisherman. The weigh ins began with the Picante Dream weighing in a 475 lb black marlin, the biggest caught so far. The fisherman stayed around the docks, waiting for the final fish to come in. Two smaller fish came to the dock, the Picante team seemed confident.

Then came the devastating word that a big fish was on the way in. Jay Bush’s yacht the Stimulator radioed in that they had a very big black marlin boated in about an hour. The word on the dock was that a really big fish could not be caught in that amount of time.

The Stimulator pulled up to the weigh in station. As the fish was tied to the pull in rope, the doubt started to fade as an enormous marlin slipped off the stern and into the water. Four men strained to pull the fish from the water and up to the weigh station. The crowd began to roar as the fish was hoisted, inch by inch to the weigh line. The Stimulator team was nervous, Jay himself was a bit shaky as the fish was transferred to the weigh line.

The fish stopped swaying and the crowd silenced. Wayne Bisbee announced the official weight of the fish…518 lbs. The crowd erupted and the Stimulator team jumped around and hugged each other in ecstasy. The anglers from Texas beamed with excitement. The crowd continued to pulsate with cheers as the sun started to set, making the possibility of a contender less likely. Media swarmed around the team and the Sol Cerveza kept flowing. The Picante team was distraught as they realized that their dreams would have to wait for another day.

The final results will be official after the teams take the lie detector test that all potential winners must take. I guess we will have to wait and see, but for now, the shining star of Texas hangs over Cabo San Lucas, and another great fishing tournament winds down and the biggest fishing party in the world begins.

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