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Stimulator Fish Report 8/11/13

I got back mid week from a delivery trip to San Diego. We saw nice water all the way to just this side Mag Bay. I didn’t see anyone fishing the Pacific and as we approched the Finger Bank I saw a Blue Marlin crashing on a Dorado, Nice Blue too!~ Then just a few minutes after we just about ran over a Swordfish! We weren’t fishing yet as we were in “the get away from Cabo and get to San Diego” mode!~ We passed thru Mag Bay in the dark , crossed the Thetis in the grey and wasn’t much going on. I listened to the commercial fisherman talking on the radio in the early am. I had heard the fishing was getting good in the area but the Shark fisherman were putting a hurt on it having just received the ability to fish closer to the coast through new legislature that was passed. One guy I listened to said he had 80 Blue Sharks, Marlin and Dorado!~ The Ridge and above to Turtle had colder off color water, we were pulling lures but nothing happening,.. it wasn’t until way past Cedros below Ensenada that it got fishy, Water temp picked up, got blue and we got into the yellowtail and bluefin tuna that were all over on the kelp paddies.

Back here in Cabo’s the same good fishing we have been experiencing for several weeks now, One small charter boat friend of mine was back at the dock yesterday at 11:30 from a full day charter with a bunch of Yellowfin Tuna and a few Dorado , fishing 8-12 miles off the arch. Striped Marlin are still in abundance although not quite like is was a few weeks ago,. The Blue Marlin bite is happening, smaller fish being caught under 300lbs and I’ve heard of a couple in the 400lb range. We will be fishing the Blue Marlin on Stimulator from now through tournament time, I’ve got the big gear all tuned up and ready to go!~ Stimulator is looking for groups interested in chartering the boat for the upcoming tournaments in October. The Tuna tournament is booked but the Marlin tournaments are open as of today. Please check our tournament page for dates and if interested contact me direct for scheduling and pricing. The beach fishing has been good with the Roosters and Jacks tearing up the mullet. I had a rooster about 40 lbs chasing bait behind the boat in the marina yesterday!~ Areas for the best bite changes daily but we’ve been lucky enough to have most of it within a half hour run from the harbor. Remember!~Time spent fishing counts not against our mortal time! Go fishing!~Capt. Jay

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