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Stimulator Charter Rates


Stimulator Charter Pricing

When looking at charter cost make sure you compare equally, Stimulator Sportfishing’s costs are all inclusive, there are no hidden taxes, bait costs, “extras” as with alot of other charter companies offering lower pricing to get you in the door and then hit you with the extra fees when you go to pay. The only thing not included in our price is your Mexican fishing license (which we can provide). We are an Owner/Operator business. When you talk with me about your trip I’ll be the guy who’s on the boat as Captain, there are no missed communications in your trip planning as happens when dealing with a “Broker”, the cause of many bad experiences,. very common in Cabo.

Full Day Fishing –   Please call or email for pricing
1/2 Day Fishing –  Please call or email for pricing
Sightseeing , Sunset Cruise – $300 Hr. , 2 hr minimum ~ We can supply Catered Trips!~
Charter Price is all inclusive: Sandwiches, Snacks, Sodas, Waters, Beer, Bait and Tackle, Captain and 1 Crew Member.
Tournament Pricing custom quoted.
Pricing is for a group of up to 6, an additional 6 people may be added for a total of 12  at a cost of $100.00 for each additional person.
Pricing DOES NOT include the cost of Mexican fishing licenses ($20 ea)

Online purchase of Mexican Licenses go to     Please be sure to print out each individual license as that is the only form accepted by the local authorities!~

arches Sightseeing, Whale Watching, Bare Boat , We do Catered Trips!~

Contact Capt. Jay Bush today to book your next Cabo Fishing Adventure!